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Proven Plasma Power for next generations of PV Cells | 用于下一代光伏电池的成熟等离子电源

Michael Ehinger photo
16 Dec 2021
16:30 – 16:45

Proven Plasma Power for next generations of PV Cells | 用于下一代光伏电池的成熟等离子电源

TRUMPF Huettinger is serving PV-Cell tool makers with DC, MF and DC plasma power supplies for depositing best in class a-Si / AlOx / SiN / TCO layers. Plasma Power Supplies are one of the most critical components having an influence on the future cost reduction for PV Cells.

PERC technology:

PECVD Bipolar Generators are widely used in any PERC fab on global base and TRUMPF Huettinger holding more than 80% market share due to perfect product and layer quality. In this section we will introduce next generation of multi output products granting future success.


A TOPCon production line can be upgraded from the current PERC line using TRUMPF Huettinger PECVD Bipolar power. Unique features and easy integration are tailor made for the upgrade needs.


„Heterojunction technology“ is demanding different Plasma Power Frequencies: DC, RF and VHF technology. During this chapter TRUMPF Huettinger will present the latest product innovations to improve process results and reduce LOCE.

Plasma Power Services:

IoT – “Internet of Things” revolutionize the Industry and will be the base for next level service excellence. Additionally, service packages as “Warranty Extension” and “Power Upgrade” will be introduced.