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Dr. Ping Ho

Hangzhou Bomei
Dr. Ping Ho

Dr. Ping Ho

Hangzhou Bomei


Final Education Master of Engineering Expertise Senior

Undergraduate in Applied Chemistry, Sichuan University, Bachelor of Science.

1985.9-1988. Master’s degree in Applied Chemistry, Sichuan University, Master of Engineering, Learn to study light-cured screen printing inks.

1988.7-1991.4 Head of the photocured welding ink group of Hangzhou Chemical Research Institute

1991.5-2021 General Manager and Chief Engineer, Hangzhou Kowang Special Ink Co., Ltd

2016-2021 Chairman of Hangzhou Bomei Culture and Art Co., Ltd

2019 Hangzhou Kowang Special Ink Company was rated as a national high-tech enterprises.

2020 Hangzhou Bomei won the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Zhejiang District Final New Energy Group Award October

2021 Hangzhou Bomei Culture and Art Co., Ltd. was rated as a national high-tech enterprises. Winners: In 2009, won the 6th China Screen Printing Association Science and Technology Contribution

Award in 2008-2009;

2011 won the China Net Printing and Image Association Online Printing 30 years of personal science and technology contribution award

2017 won the first China Net-India Special India Great Power Craftsman Honorary Certificate

patents: 26. including one for PCT inventions US.

Obtained 6 invention patents, 2 solar appearance patents, 2 utility model patents.


Company Profile

Hangzhou BomeiFrom photovoltaic technology, to photovoltaic art—– Hangzhou Bomei integrates photovoltaic technology and glass art , without affecting the transmission of light, turn the black photovoltaic modules into color solar energy products, photovoltaic conversion efficiency reached the world’s leading level, to meet the photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) design needs. Bomei has been built an annual output of 200,000 square meters of color photovoltaic glass production line .
The color photovoltaic glass developed by Hangzhou Bomei has the following advantages:1, high light transmission 98.14 %, 2, high coverage rate —- color coating can cover all dark black battery film background color, so that solar energy products show a bright color. 3, beautiful colors— have a variety of colors, to meet the color requirements of architects. 4, ultra-weatherable — color coating has excellent weather resistance, enough to meet the requirements of photovoltaic modules weather-resistant for twenty-five years. 5, the low cost — compared with the traditional process, has obvious cost advantages, is conducive to large-scale promotion.
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