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Moderator: Dr Paul Ni

Akcome Group
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Moderator: Dr Paul Ni

Akcome Group


Dr. Ni is currently Senoir Vice President and CTO of Akcome group. He is the director of Suzhou Advanced Technology Research of Talesun solar, Visiting professor in NUAA, Sichuan University. Above 15 years’ experience in solar industry from STP,CSUN and TSUN. He published above 60 pcs papers and issued above 100 pcs patents.


• 曾任尚德、中电、腾晖等多家上市公司高管。

• 有近15年的电池和组件技术研发、试验线、产品管理、电池事业部(海内外)、政府公共关系管理工作经验,先后承担科技部、江苏省经信委、科技厅等多项重大科研项目,主导多项国际合作,授权专利150多项,获多次苏州、常熟科技进步奖,一次省科技进步奖三等奖、两次国家专利奖,1次苏州专利杰出发明人。

• 江苏省科技企业家、333人才,双创人才等。

• 任南京航空航天大学产业教授,四川大学等多所高校客座教授。

• 多家协会理事。

• ITRPV Chair。


P Type High Efficiency Cell and Module


P-type crystalline silicon occupies more than 90% of the PV market. In order to meet the ever-decreasing demand of customers for LCOE, how to improve the cell conversion efficiency and reduce the cost are the main theme of PV enterprises forever. This report introduces the research progress of PERC & PERX Cells and various module encapsulation techniques by TALESUN in recent years.

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