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Co-organizer: Haining Municipal Government | Supported by: Haining Media Center

Why Sponsor?

Value Proposition

Our audiences are exclusive members and are carefully profiled pre-registration. They will be attending the World Solar Congress because the timing is right and are looking for new solution providers or meet with current solution providers in one place.

Our delegate audiences are:


Leading members of the industry carefully profiled pre-registration

Budget Holders

Have the authority and responsibility to make financial decisions.


Tasked with taking action to solve their current business challenges


Not satisfied with incumbent providers and looking for new solutions

Our delegates are taking time out of their busy schedules and justifying the spend to be at this event internally to talk to vendors for new solutions that they need right now.


Private Meetings with Senior Decision Makers

The one-to-one business meetings are pre-arranged and mutually agreed. This provides a supplier with the best opportunity for productive, solution-oriented and well-structured business meetings.

Improved Profit and Loss Balance Sheet

This is the ultimate unique reason why suppliers attending the World Solar Congress: accelerate the sales cycle by meeting your potential and existing customers from around the world in one location over 2 days.

Partnered with the best research companies in the world

The World Solar Congress is partnered with ECN ,SERIS, ENF, China General Certification Center, KACARE ,Standard Chartered Bank, whom have provided the industry with new research, technology to create the market by having the opportunity to influence decision makers in their technology strategy. The result is a faster return on R&D and the prospect of being a preferred supplier.

Solar Cell/Module manufacturer business intelligence

You will be very familiar with the solar companies who are members of the World Solar Congress.

The one-to-one business meetings will provide you pre-projects that these decision makers have planned for the next coming months. You will find out customers’ precise procurement requirements and strategies. You will also be informed about the project time scales and find out discrete information that cannot be achieved at any other exhibition, trade-show around the world.

Cement your relationship with your existing and potential customers

Your Return on Investment will be based on the pre-arranged business meetings you will have at World Solar Congress. There will be two gala dinners, two networking lunches and two informal evening functions that are designed for you to secure potential business. There will be strategic seating during all alternative networking opportunities and dining experiences.

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